Decluttering & Organising Toys ......

Now is a good time to tackle the toys.

The Christmas holidays are well and truly over and with the influx of gifts and presents, it may seem that the toys are taking over your home. A good sort out means that your little ones will be able to find the toys they want to play with more easily and you can create space by getting rid of ones they have grown out of.

Never try to do this when your children are around ……… they will want to keep everything and anything you put aside will always end up back in the toy box!!

When you get started, sort the toys in to four piles

  • Keep

  • Sell

  • Donate

  • Throw away


For any items that you may want to sell (larger items and collections often sell best), your local Facebook group is often a good place to start as items are collected so you don’t have to worry about posting them. Give yourself a time limit and if you haven’t listed them within the timeframe, it’s unlikely that you’ll do it so think about donating them.


If you have good quality toys and books that are undamaged and have all the pieces, you could donate these to charity. My personal local favourite is the amazing Little Village. With branches in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark, Little Village is like a foodbank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five. They gift these donations on to local families who are dealing with really challenging circumstances via a network of referral partners.

Each site has different requirements and opening hours for donations, details of which can be found on the link above.


Anything that is broken, has pieces missing or has seen better days can be thrown away. Check your local recycling centre to see if anything be sent there to avoid landfill, otherwise pop it in a black bag and put out with the rubbish!


Sort the toys that you are keeping in to an order that works for you and your children. Don’t expect them to keep them tidy, but at least you may have a little more space!


If you want to start decluttering and need a hand, sorting out the toys, please do get in touch on and we can arrange a consultation.