How to Organise Paperwork

Whether it’s at home or in your office, it’s not that hard for paperwork to get out of control. It piles up on work surfaces, gets shoved in drawers and before you know it, there is so much that you don’t know where to start. All to easily the mail sits on the side, half opened and muddled in with junk mail, catalogues & important documents and when you need to find that all important letter, where on earth is it?

The key to keeping on top of it all, is to have a defined filing system and one specific place where a pending pile can sit. Whatever your preference, there is a system out there for you - whether it be a traditional filing cabinet, concertina files or box files, they can all be bought cheaply online or in a stationary store.

Work out what it is you want or need to keep and what can be readily discarded and go through the system once a year to get rid of what you don’t need - you’ve changed car insurance provider but still have the old information booklets - get rid of them!

Its a good idea to shred anything that has personal information on - home shredders can be bought from Amazon, PC World and Rymans to name a few. Everything else can go in with your local recycling collection.

Try to go through your pending pile once a week and that way, it won’t all start piling up. Envelopes can go straight in the bin - if you keep something in an envelope, it’s often hard to see what it is and a folded document will take up more space in your filing system.

Just remember, if you manage to put everything away, you won’t have unsightly piles of paper hanging around AND you’ll be able to find those important bits of paper when you need them!