Organising Children's Artwork

The end of another school year is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing …………. another influx of your child’s artwork and school books.

Each school or nursery is different but at my son’s school, EVERYTHING comes home at the end of the year in a couple of over-stuffed bags. It’s the start of the summer holidays, I’m working out what I’m going to do for the next xx amount of weeks and how I’m going to juggle work & entertaining my son - the bags just sit there looking at me for the weeks, often months before I decide what to do with them (or even look through them)

The volume of paperwork that children produce is STAGGERING and even more so if they “craft’ at home.

The bottom line is, you cannot keep it all - you would disappear under a paper artwork mountain!!

The good news is, there are all sorts of great ideas of how to store those treasured items.

1 Doodlenest

In their words “We transform your pile of children’s art into one beautiful and treasured work – an art book or a collage.”

The concept is simple - you choose your favourite pieces, you order a box, you put the pieces in, send them off and not long later, a beautiful book arrives.

The drawback is that it is expensive BUT, they do it for you AND the end result takes up a lot less space than all this pictures!

2 Kids School Memorabilia Organizer - School File Keepsake Organizing Bin - Memory Tote

This idea is more reasonably priced. Each year, you choose the best pieces, pop them in the relevant section and your done. I like this idea as you could have 2 - one for artwork and one for school books. The only drawback is that is comes from the USA so is labelled with their school system not ours - but you could adapt it!

3 DIY Version of the above

Now, this is a really simple way to re-create the above. Go to Staples, Rymans or any other stationary shop. Buy a 40litre plastic storage bin, some hanging files and labels and you can create your own.

If your children produce large quantities of artwork or you have lots of children (!) this is a good, cheap solution.

and finally,

4 From Lucy “The Great Works”

This beautiful book contains 'pocket pages' with a rectangular (A4) window on each page. This window is surrounded with a printed beautifully-illustrated frame worthy of the greatest painting. When the artwork is slotted into the pocket page it is automatically 'framed' forever in the book

The most important thing to remember is that you DON’T HAVE TO KEEP EVERYTHING infact, you have to be ruthless:

  1. Choose the pictures that you love the most - I can’t tell you how many but I would advise no more than 20 (per school year!)

  2. Select how you want to store them - if none of the above are right, you could just put the all in a box labelled with the year.

  3. Be ruthless and get rid of the rest. The scribbles and coloured in printed sheets are not what you are going to remember them for or what they are going to want to look at in the future.

GOOD LUCK - the end of term is nigh!!!