Moving Home, Packing & Unpacking

It can be a challenging prospect getting organised to get your home on the market.  

Many of us want to declutter before we get an estate agent to view the house so that they see it in the best light.  I can support you through your journey, helping you sort through your possessions and free up space so that your property looks its best for that initial valuation.

I can help you with

  • Decluttering before you move - making sure that you are not taking unnecessary things with you

  • Packing - ensuring that you know where everything is when you get to your next destination

  • Unpacking & Organising - so that everything has a place in your new home and you can relax in your new surroundings

Building Work

If you need to pack up areas, rooms or your whole home in preparation for building work, I can help! Whether it’s separating what you need for now and what needs to be put in to store or boxing & labelling everything so that you know where it is when you move back in again, I will help you make the process as stress free as possible

I Offer Packing & Unpacking Help for Moving and Organising For Downsizing,